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Ekinsa has the experience and know-how to meet the needs of each organisation, always offering its maximum quality, design and functionality as a guarantee.

  • Study. Analysis of the functional, technical and corporate image needs. Analysis of alternatives regarding garments and fabrics.
  • Assessment. Upon studying the variables and alternatives, we will assess the client as to that which best adapts to its needs.
  • Design. Creation of an initial design, preparation of models and patterns. Real tests using samples and prototypes.
  • Taking of measurements and adaptation. The necessary individual measurements are taken of each staff member. This can be carried out at Ekinsa’s headquarters or on the client’s premises.
  • Preparation and production. Planning, stockpiling of raw materials and manufacture of cutting-edge clothing according to the measurement standards taken earlier.
  • Individual delivery. Distribution of the individualised material for each staff member with onsite alterations and immediate replacements.
  • Storage service. Permanent stock management and replacement service.
  • Availability of information in real time of the service operating cycle. Integrated ERP management at the client’s disposal with updated information of the status of each order.

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What we do

For Ekinsa, the personalisation and adaptation of a company’s corporate image in their institutional clothing has become something as essential as brand value.

In many cases, this value leads to a competitive differentiation strategy, which allows the client to stand out among the competition and generate brand recall. In short, we help you to generate competitive edge.