MMStex® System A Scalable Modular Solution

The MMStex® System for logistics uniformity management at the healthcare centre is a comprehensive solution for all healthcare personnel and all types of uniformity that offers users 24×7 service.

The MMStex® Dispenser Unit, which stores and dispenses clean garments (non-personalised) for use, has a modular design which enables the definition of configurations with scalable and customised dimensions, number of modules/cells and capacities; the equipment consists of:

MPU-HOST Master Module, which includes the system management hardware (CPU, touch screen, switch, PLCs, power supply, router, magnetic strip reader, etc.) and MMStex® user software for managing 1-6 dispenser modules.

And 2 types of storage/dispenser module according to the number of cells and capacities (number of garments):

Storage/Dispenser Modules (slaves of the master module) is subdivided internally into what we call “cells”, and each cell can house a single type of garment (differentiating by garment type, size and colour). The MU2-200 dispenser model module has two large cells with a capacity for 100 garments/cell with an average capacity of 200 garments; and the MU4-160 model has 2+2 medium- and small-sized cells with capacities for 50 and 30 garments/cell, respectively, and an average capacity of 160 garments.

The MMStex® Return Unit collects and stores used/dirty garments and is available in two models according to capacity:

RU-250 Return Unit is of the cabinet type and includes an inner cage trolley where the dirty garments are deposited, which offers an average capacity of 250 garments.

ERU-1000 Return Unit is of the wall type embeddable in a wall; a tub trolley/container is disposed in an adjoining room or behind the unit to collect the used garment, which offers practically unlimited capacity.

Both the MMStex® dispenser and return units are also available in RFID modality, which guarantees full traceability management of the garment identified by a tag.

The MMStex® Software Manager for the comprehensive management of the MMStex® System; this application is a flexible and convenient tool which allows the healthcare centre/laundry on-line management of:

Stocks of Garments in Units.

Users – Availability and Consumption.

Alerts and Alarms.

Enquiries, Reports and Statistics.

Malfunction (Customer Service Functionality).