High degree of specialisation in the clinical sphere, providinghealthcare professionals with the cutting-edge technology together with a comprehensive range of innovative products that satisfactorily fulfil asepsis requirements.

At Ekinsa we are characterised for dedicating a substantial amount of our resources to driving research and development, for the purpose of placing the most satisfactory solutions at the disposal of healthcare workers, specialists and patients.

  • Assessment: Awareness of each of the problems we address in order to provide the best solution.
  • Proprietary manufacturing: Adaptation and flexibility to meet our clients’ individual needs and deadlines.
  • Commissioning: Specialists for onsite technical support and specialised implementation professionals to ensure the proper functioning of intrahospital logistics.
  • Training: Information courses, conferences and practical demonstrations of the characteristics, applications and usage mode of each product or global logistics solution.
  • Specialised representatives: Nationwide network of local specialists to ensure that our clients receive the best attention.
Modular shelving
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Product logistics

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Transport and distribution

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Logistics and textile

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Development and implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions, manual and/orautomated, for the logistical management of consumables in hospitals, encompassing hardware, software and brainware.

  • Brainware: Study, assessment, planning, training and implementation of new stock/order management systems during the logistics modernisation project at the healthcare centre.
  • Hardware: Development, manufacturing and distribution of equipment for logistics management (carousels, cupboards, shelves, modular content, multifunctionaltrolleys, etc.).
  • Software: Development of computer applications that will guarantee and systematise information management in the different stages of the logistics process (order and stock management for services, automaton management, patient-based attribution of costs…). Integration with the hospital’s corporate information systems.

In-depth knowledge of the problems and logistical needs of the healthcare sector, in addition to a high degree of specialisation and integrated solution development capability in the field of “medical device hospital logistics”, make Medical Modular System S.A. the perfect ally for your continued logistics management projects at your healthcare centre.