1) Solutions for document management. Digitisation and microfilming laboratories.

Implementation of integrated infrastructures and systems for the digitisation and microfilming of historical archives, libraries, documentation centres, etc.

2) Solutions for digitising books and documents.

The digitisation solutions include third-generation zenithal scanners which allow the digitisation of even the most sensitive materials.They combine very high processing speed with UV-free lighting systems, which protects both the original document and the user-operator. This guarantees the preservation of original old and rare books, maps and historical documents, among others, for future generations.

At present, the Omniscan 12000 and Omniscan 14000 product ranges offer high quality and productivity, always preserving the original document, for A2, A1 and A0 (14000) formats.

3) Solutions for digitising microfilm.

The solutions are based on highly evolved systems for high-performance microfilm scanning. The OM1500 and OM1600 product ranges offer high quality and productivity, both for fact sheets and microfilm.

4) Solutions for book copiers.

Bookcopy technology allows copying of books (safeguarding the authors’ copyright pursuant to the applicable law) without damaging or unbinding the books.

5) Software solutions.

Our software solutions are based on powerful applications in constant evolution, with a functional analysis created by experts in each field of expertise.

Quality analysis tools. OS QM ToolEnsuring consistently high quality during mass digitisation has thus far has been very labor-intensive and time-consuming. OS QM Tool makes it possible to analyse practically any relevant quality variables by analysing the scan and comparing it against certain pre-established standards in a matter of seconds.

Production and presentation workflow tools.Goobi Zed.Allows libraries, archives and service companies to plan, control, monitor and present complex and specialised mass digitisation project processes.

Scanning and capture tools. All Zeustchel scanners are equipped with powerful scanning software, with functional and innovative processing tools.

3D Perfect Book scanning technology. Patented 3D Perfect Book technology to obtain perfect book curvature correction.

Document management and distribution systems. Hermes DigitalHermes Digital is an application for the administration, processing and distribution of scanning requests and for the distribution of scanned documents.

6) Solutions for plotting microfilm. Digital-to-microfilm converter.

OP500 technology allows easy and quick conversion of information in digital format to microfilm and is ideal for storing information and highly valuable documents for long periods of time.

7) Solutions for microfilming.

The microfilming technique consists of complementary cameras and systems: readers, processors, duplicators, inspection systems, etc.