TETRA is an open standard for PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) systems developed by the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

Teltronic’s TETRA infrastructure is designed to provide excellent coverage, security, reliability and scalability.


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With NEBULA, users have access to cutting-edge TETRA services. Both if the main requirement of the system is voice communications, data communications or both, NEBULA offers the most complete network services, supporting all types of voice and data calls, intelligent group call management, multi-slot packet-mode data, optimised Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions and TEDS-compatible hardware, among others.

The network management system (NMS) is designed for networks shared by various organisations, making it possible to share operating costs and create a profitable business model. Also, it supports the FCAPS industry standard and includes a comprehensive statistical module for monitoring network performance in real time.


P25 is a set of open standards as a result of combined efforts from Public Safety organisations in the United States, standardised under the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association).

PowerTrunk25 features a powerful, field-proven end-to-end IP-based design, using standard networking equipment which reduces risk of obsolescence and lowers switching equipment costs. It is available both in conventional and trunking mode and is designed for a wide range of frequency bands (VHF, UHF, 800 MHz and 700 MHz). All these characteristics make PowerTrunk25 a revolutionary and innovative concept within the P25 market.

Infrastructure, mobile terminals and laptops for TETRA voice and data transmission.

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The HTT-500 portable units includes, most notably, 3W of RF output power that provide coverage, both indoors and outdoors, that cannot be matched in the market. Furthermore, the terminal offers 1W of audio power, providing optimum audio volume and quality. These high-performing features do not imply loss of autonomy, as the HTT-500 offers over 18 hours of continuous operation.

The terminal includes multiple advanced functionalities such as, for example, Bluetooth® connectivity, manipulation-proof E2E encryption, WAP navigator, GPS receiver and Man-Down capability. The mechanical components have been designed to create a solid, tough and durable unit, yet small and light-weight.


The term that best describes the MDT-400 mobile unit is versatility. Designed for vehicular installation, the MDT-400 is available in different mechanical configurations adapted to specific scenarios, such as cars, tramways, underground railways, heavy vehicles… Furthermore, it provides excellent coverage and reliability thanks to its 10W of RF output power and high audio quality according to Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) independent testing.

The terminal has powerful functionality and high efficiency thanks to, among other characteristics, its built-in GPS module which periodically sends location information. The terminal also exceeds standard security requirements due to its E2E encryption module that supports up to 8 algorithms (including AES256) and OTAK functionality.


The DT-410 is especially designed for desktop use. Based on Teltronic’s MDT-400 terminal, the DT-410 has an ergonomic and functional design including an AC/DC converter, a high-power loudspeaker, a fan, an AC connector, a DC fusible and several connectors in its front and rear parts. Furthermore, the terminal can be easily controlled through its MMI interface or through its complete set of PEI or TNP1 commands.


Teltronic’s TRM-300 radio modem is the best option for the integration of third-party systems controlled via TETRA. Its small dimensions and light weight make installation and use easier for a wide variety of applications.

The terminal allows data transmission in different formats (status messages, SDS, circuit mode data, multi-slot packet data mode…) and it also supports the Teltronic’s SDM (Synchronous Data Manager) smart application, which uses optimised algorithms that improves control channel efficiency.

Mobile broadband

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Anticipating future communications trends, Teltronic presents the new MVC-6000: a product that seamlessly integrates narrowband and broadband radio technologies.

Let’s consider a real scenario: a city with a 100% TETRA coverage and with broadband system coverage in various parts of the city. In case of emergency, a Control Centre will transmit the GPS location of the incident via TETRA to the available patrols and the navigation software will automatically give the vehicles the best driving directions without margin for error. From the scene of the incident, video transmitted from vehicle cameras could be selected for viewing by an operator at the Control Centre. In this manner, the Command Centre has the best real-time information to make the most appropriate decisions to resolve the incident; throughout the process, voice communications are efficiently managed via the TETRA network.

In the case that not all vehicles are under broadband coverage, the MVC 6000 can use additional communication interfaces such as 3G and WiFi. The available services are displayed on the GIS screen through a keepalive mechanism via TETRA Short Data Service (SDS).