With the aim of meeting the specific needs of each project, EKINSA heads a group of companies specialising in each of the areas in which it provides services, globally managed, channelling the know-how and necessary resources to achieve the dynamism, flexibility and professionalism which have characterised EKINSA since 1982.

  • Assessment and consulting: relative to the needs of each project, in order to provide the best solutions by facilitating the preparation of the basis, methodology and documentation required for project execution.
  • Execution and installation: of the optimal solution and commissioning.
  • Implementation and training: of all the local personnel involved in the implementation.
  • Financing: Management of the adequate funds to develop the project.
  • After-Sales Service: Onsite technical maintenance and support.

As a result, Ekinsa International Projects responds to each need with a comprehensive proposal through a single local representative.

International Projects

Foreign markets

Division specialising in global equipment, supply, comprehensive project and financing solutions, responding to the specific needs of each client and especially adapted to the characteristics of each country.

What we do

Our offering includes cutting-edge technology and the necessary heterogeneous assets for executing integrated projects, optimising each investment with the maximum level of quality and functionality, adapted to fulfil the requirements of each country through our branches.

With the aim of meeting the specific needs of each turnkey project and destination country, Ekinsa International Projects specialises in each sector of activity, as well as managing the financing mechanisms.

Sectors of activity


Comprehensive solutions for installations, process engineering, controlled sanitary towel disposal and intrahospital logistics (Kanban).

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Civil Protection

Rescue elements, communication systems, protective clothing, evacuation and firefighting vehicles to address natural disasters such as floods, fires or earthquakes.

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SUW treatment, landfill sealing, use of biogas and energy production. Water treatment solutions for purification, desalination and industrial uses. Motor pumps, electric pumps and channelling.

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Safety and protection equipment and systems for law enforcement agencies, private security and civil society sector.

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Infrastructure, mobile terminals and laptops for TETRA voice and data trnsmission.

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Document Management

Integrated systems for the digitisation and microfilming of files, libraries and museums.

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Drilling and probing

Drilling solutions for soil sampling, piling and micro piling, both marine and land.

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Electrification systems, stringing of overhead cables and burial of underground cables, power generators and photovoltaics.

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Functional special designs for professional uses in semi-rigid, fibre and aluminium vessels.

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