The Group’s mission.

Create a unique identity for our clients through our institutional services and equipment in order to integrate them as an essential tool within its value proposition.

  • We accept the challenge of constant evolution to offer our clients real and effective solutions.
  • We achieve this by offering each client profile customised products and services capable of projecting their activity or business in an optimal and efficient manner.

The Group’s vision.

  • Institutional equipment as a mirror of your business.
  • Institutional equipment as an attitude: A new way of understanding the company that represents an evolution of the traditional business.

Corporate culture.

What do we believe in?
These are the ten values that form the basis of Ekinsa’s corporate culture.

  • Experience: Know and understand what we are talking about. We have been in the market for over 30 years.
  • Strength: The perseverance and drive of a company that knows what it wants.
  • Union: The combined efforts of B2B culture in a single direction.
  • Efficiency: We know that the resources of the companies are not unlimited. We perform each action accurately, always taking into account the time, investment and result variables.
  • Competitiveness: Companies are not alone in the market. Our objective is to achieve excellence as part of our value proposition and convert it into our competitive advantage.
  • Creativity: Break old patterns. Be both imaginative and decisive in each solution.
  • Nonconformity: Keep an open mind while exploring new channels and improving our value proposition on a daily basis.
  • Confidence: Show our clients that we are present at all times.
  • Empathy: Speak the same language as our clients and understand their needs at all times.
  • Quality: Give equal importance to both substance and form.