EKINSA institutional equipment commenced its activity as a supplier of goods and services to the Spanish Public Administration in 1982. An activity which was progressively extended to the Spanish private market while expanding its product and service offering.

The Company signed its first contract with Morocco in 1985, which marked the start of its internationalisation process. Three years later, the export market afforded the Company significant revenue, giving rise to a specific International Projects division. This new line of operations would become a determining factor for EKINSA’s business development in the future.




Parallel to its diversification capability and efficiency in multiple scenarios, EKINSA began to specialise as a result of its projects.

This gave rise to the Company’s current divisions.

  • Uniformity services
  • Technology systems
  • International projects

Consequently, the Company began to consolidate an extensive commercial office network, permanent agencies and representatives in Spain and abroad in order to provide the necessary human and material resources to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the service offered by each division.

At present, EKINSA continues its national and international expansion, offering the latest innovations in the market and meeting the needs of organisations in each of its areas of activity.