EKINSA institutional equipment is a Spanish multinational company in the services sector incorporated in 1982. Comprised of over 50 professionals, we are commercially present in more than 30 countries through 4 international branches and 6 representative offices in 3 different continents.

In these last three decades we have developed a dynamic diversification strategy, with presence in various markets, offering products and services in response to public and private sector needs in different areas: hospital, furniture and interior design, climate control and air conditioning, audiovisual systems, security and defence, engineering and custom projects, and integrated uniformity services.

EKINSA heads a group of industrial and engineering companies specialising in each of the areas in which we provides services. Said areas are managed by a head office that channels the know-how, resources and international presence required to achieve the dynamism, flexibility and professionalism that characterises us.

Our client focus is the basis of our daily work, responding with proposals tailored for each type of need. The relationship with our clients is based on collaboration and service continuity, providing the necessary technological and human factors for developing each activity.